We have a long and proud history of sustainability achievements, but today we are transitioning from being a business where sustainability has always been important to one where it is front and centre in all that we do.

Central to BAT Group’s evolved strategy and purpose of delivering A Better Tomorrow for all its stakeholders, is an updated sustainability agenda which has been refreshed to reflect the changing external environment.

We are clear that reducing the health impact of our business is our principal focus area, but we are also placing a greater emphasis on the importance of addressing climate change and driving excellence in environmental management. At the same time, we remain committed to delivering a positive social impact and ensuring robust corporate governance across the Business.

Our sustainability agenda


Reducing the HEALTH impact of our business

  • Consumer choice
  • World-class science
  • Standards and regulation

Excellence in ENVIRONMENTAL management

  • Climate change
  • Water and waste
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Circular economy

Delivering a positive SOCIAL impact

  • Human rights
  • Farmer livelihoods
  • Health and safety
  • People and culture

Robust corporate GOVERNANCE

  • Business ethics
  • Responsible marketing
  • Regulation and policy engagement

Creating shared value for

  • Consumers
  • Society
  • Employees
  • Shareholders

Highlights of our Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Week

In 2019, we launched the first ever Sustainability Week in West and Central Africa Area, to launch our Corporate Recycling Programme, in commemoration of the International World Clean Up Day.  Together with our implementing partners Recycle Points, and, E-terra Limited, we have responsibly disposed over 2.4 tonnes of electronic waste over the years.

Efficiency & productivity

Over the years, we have implemented various energy efficient techniques in our Ibadan manufacturing hub. A key component of our energy efficiency is the Integrated Work Systems (IWS). The IWS employed in our factory embodies the key drivers of Zero Loss Mentality and 100% Employee Involvement. With this framework, all employees actively participate in identifying loss areas and generating new innovative solutions to eliminate losses and drive productivity

Waste reduction

Currently, 100% of the waste generated from our factory operations is recycled with less than 4% going to landfill. We have an ambitious target of achieving zero waste to landfill into the future.

Sustainability is a continuous journey for us at BAT and as much as our business has changed so has the world around us. We remain committed to continuously being a Responsible Tobacco Company through the actions we take today.

You can read more about BAT’s sustainability agenda and progress against it in the Group’s latest Sustainability Strategy Report and ESG Report .