Alternative Cropping

Having recognised the role that agriculture plays in the development of the nation, the British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation has developed agricultural programmes to support the empowerment of subsistence farmers in adopting modern farming techniques.

Our Agricultural Development Initiative (ADI) program provides financial support for large scale farming and supports the establishment of model farms for the cultivation of cassava, maize, vegetables and rice. The program also creates access to markets to enhance farmers’ income and livelihood.

Since the pilot scheme in Ago-Are, Oyo State in Nigeria, the ADI has been rolled out to several communities in all 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Examples include Tede and Ago-Are in Oyo State, Jima in Niger State, Amaokwe-item in Abia State, Afia-Nsit Uda-Nko in Akwa Ibom State, Odosimadegun in Ogun State, Akpap-Otoyong in Cross Rivers State and Ndikelonwu in Anambra State, amongst others.

In addition, the BAT Nigeria Foundation  has embarked on direct empowerment of farmers through dynamic and cohesive co-operative groups.  These groups are supported with inputs and technical assistance for the cultivation of food crops.