International Marketing Principles

At BAT, we have International Marketing Principles which provide guidance on key aspects of our marketing of our conventional combustible tobacco products and our potentially reduced-risk products.

Our International Marketing Principles (“IMP”) require that our marketing, across all our products, must be:

  1. responsible
  2. accurate and not misleading
  3. targeted at adult consumers
  4. transparent
  5. compliant with all applicable laws.

International Marketing Principles (0.1 mb)

Find out more about our marketing principles on our Responsible Marketing page.

Consumer and Trade

We believe that our brands and products should be marketed responsibly and directed at adult consumers.

Stakeholder expectation

Building on these initiatives, our stakeholders believed that we should improve local understanding of the 18+ communication and asked us to translate the 18+ message to local languages.

In response to this expectation, we have translated the 18+ message into Pidgin English and 3 local languages.

The communication, which in English reads ‘We do not sell tobacco products to people under 18 years’, remains in use.

Public Place smoking

We support regulation that limits non-smokers’ involuntary exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and accommodates the interests of both non-smokers and smokers.

We believe that governments, employers, the hospitality industry, the tobacco industry, consumers and others can work together on implement regulatory initiatives towards reducing involuntary exposure to second-hand smoke.