West and Central Africa Market (WCM) Clusters

Our West and Central Africa Markets (WCM) business is made up of three clusters: West Africa East (WAE) Cluster, Central Africa (CAC) Cluster, and West Africa West (WAW) Cluster.

Our business operates in an environment of challenging economic conditions, increasing regulation, and other factors. Illicit trade remains a major challenge within the tobacco industry, majority of which comes as Duty Not Paid (DNP) and under declaration of goods at the port. This, notwithstanding, we continue to focus on achieving business objectives by leveraging on our Products, our People and our business Principles.

We recognise that our business starts with our consumers and our brands. We invest in gathering comprehensive insights into smokers' preferences and purchase behaviour. This information helps us offer product innovations that are relevant to adult tobacco consumers' tastes, attitudes, income and purchasing patterns. These innovations vary across our brands, brand variants and markets while enabling us to adapt their offers flexibly to local preferences.

Compliance with regulation

The essence of our Business Principles is to go even beyond the local laws and regulations to establish policies that promote compliance at a greater level, such as our Standards of Business Conduct (SoBC) and International Marketing Principles. As a responsible company, we support regulation and are committed to working with all stakeholders to transform our business and the industry.