West Africa East ("WAE") Cluster

The West Africa East (WAE) Cluster operates out of the Cluster office in Accra, Ghana and comprises of Ghana, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger markets

BAT in Ghana

British American Tobacco (Ghana) Limited is majorly an importer and marketer of tobacco products in Ghana. The products are imported from the BAT factory in neighbouring Nigeria.

Our Portfolio

Our brand portfolio consists of locally and globally known brands. Global drive brands in our portfolio include Rothmans and Pall Mall, we also have strategic brands such as Craven A, London. Local heroes such as State Express 555, Concorde and Rothmans Royals complete the line-up.


For over 125 years, Rothmans has progressed from an icon to become a signature. From its London origins, it has become the fastest growing Global Drive Brand today. The brand stands for pure tradition, distinct rich and smooth taste with a strong progressive spirit. Rothmans’ house was extended with the introduction of Rothmans Demi. The house now offers consumers choice with innovation.

Pall Mall

Pall Mall is our leading global Value-for-Money brand, positioned to exceed consumer expectations. Introduced in 1899, our ambition has been to ensure our partners have a mutually rewarding experience with Pall Mall. Pall Mall gives more reasons for consumers to enjoy satisfying moments with its two innovative variant offers - Pall Mall Full Flavour and Pall Mall Menthol.


London has a tradition and reputation which stems from its birthplace - the city of London. It is made from the finest Virginia tobaccos and has consistently delivered its promise of a great taste and satisfying smoking experience. It offers choice to consumers with its two variants, London Full Flavour and London Menthol.

Craven A

Since 1860, Craven A has continued its fine tradition of expertly blending premium Virginia tobaccos to create a unique taste that is preferred by every new generation. The brand is positioned to reinforce leadership of Tobacco First and to extend growth to Sensations and Clear & Smooth.

The Craven A house offers consumers the satisfaction of rich taste, smooth refinement and innovation at an affordable price.

State Express

With over 115 years legacy as a prestigious brand, State Express 555 is noted for its unadulterated smoothness.

Rothmans Royals

Rothmans Royals offers an authentic tobacco experience on a Virginia base.