West Africa Central ("WAC") Cluster

BAT Central Africa (CAC) Cluster operates from the office in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and has marketing offices in Cameroun and Gabon.

BAT shipments to the CAC are produced in the Area manufacturing hub in Ibadan, Nigeria for Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea markets while DRC products are shipped from Nairobi, Kenya.

British American Tobacco in DRC

With its two operating subsidiaries: British American Tobacco Services Congo (BAT Services Congo) and British American Import (BAT Import), BAT has always been one of the major players in the tobacco industry in DRC.

Our Portfolio

Our brand portfolio consists of locally and globally known brands. Global drive brands in our portfolio include Dunhill, Rothmans and Pall Mall. We also have strategic brands such as Benson & Hedges, and local heroes like Ambassade, and Stella.


Dunhill Tobacco of London was established in 1907 on London’s St James’s street and quickly became known for delivering tobacco experiences beyond the ordinary, through the selection and crafting of the finest blends by our Master Blenders.

Our reputation for exceptional product quality and service transformed the brand into a global icon and today, Dunhill is recognised as BAT’s leading Premium offer. It is the most international of our Global Drive Brands, with a footprint spanning 108 countries including Nigeria, Côte D’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon and Mali, our flagship markets in West and Central Africa Area (WCA).

Over 100 years later, we still proudly call 1A St James our home and remain committed to accentuating journeys of taste discovery by creating the world’s most differentiated tobacco experiences for the discerning smoker.

Benson & Hedges (B&H)

B&H is one of the most beloved tobacco names in the world, with a history and reputation that others envy. According to Denis Hedges, the reputation of BENSON & HEDGES is built over many, many years of careful studies of detail, quality and design. B&H epitomizes the fine art of progressing while remaining elegant and unique because the brand has always dictated its modern and progressive evolution since 1873.

Pall Mall

Pall Mall is our leading global Value-for-Money brand, positioned to exceed consumer expectations. Introduced in 1899, our ambition has been to ensure our partners have a mutually rewarding experience with Pall Mall. Pall Mall gives more reasons for consumers to enjoy satisfying moments with its two innovative variant offers - Pall Mall Full Flavour and Pall Mall Menthol.